The Introduction-Page 1

The Introduction (page 1)

Speak, Satyr; for there’s none can tell like thee,
Whether ’tis Folly, Pride, or Knavery,
That makes this discontented Land appear
Less happy now in Times of Peace, than War:
Why Civil Feuds disturb the Nation more
Than all our Bloody Wars have done before.

    Fools out of Favour grudge at Knaves in Place,
And men are always honest in Disgrace:
The Court-Preferments make men Knaves in course:
But they which wou’d be in them wou’d be worse.
‘Tis not at Foreigners that we repine,
Wou’d Foreigners their Perquisites resign:
The Grand Contention’s plainly to be seen,
To get some men put out, and some put in.
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