The Introduction/PART I-Page 4

The True-Born Englishman (page 4)

Wonders that They of all men shou’d pretend
To Birth and Blood, and for a Name contend.
Go back to Causes where our Follies dwell,
And fetch the dark Original from Hell:
Speak, Satyr, for there’s none like thee can tell.


The True-Born Englishman


*Wherever God erects a House of Prayer,
The Devil always builds a Chappel there:
And ’twill be found upon Examination,
The latter has the largest Congregation:
For ever since he first debauch’d the Mind,
He made a perfect Conquest of Mankind.
With Uniformity of Service, he
Reigns with a general Aristocracy.

*An English Proverb, Where God has a Church, the Devil has a Chappel.

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