The Introduction-Page 2

The True-Born Englishman (page 2)

For this our S—–rs make long Harangues,
And Florid M—–rs whet their polish’d Tongues.
Statesmen are always sick of one Disease;
And a good Pension gives them present Ease.

That’s the Specifick makes them all content
With any King, and any Government.
Good Patriots at Court-Abuses rail,
And all the Nation’s Grievances bewail:
But when the Sov’reign Balsam’s once appliā€™d,
The Zealot never fails to change his Side:
And when he must the Golden Key resign,
The Railing Spirit comes about again.

    Who shall this Bubbl’d Nation disabuse,
While they their own Felicities refuse?
Who at the Wars have made such mighty Pother,
And now are falling out with one another:
With needless Fears the Jealous Nation fill,
And always have been sav’d against their Will:

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