PART II-page 57

PART II. (page 57)

How by their Aid we first dissolv’d our Fears,
And then our Helpers damn’d for Foreigners.
‘Tis not our English Temper to do better;
For Englishmen think ev’ry man their Debtor.

    Tis worth observing, that we ne’re compain’d
Of Foreigners
, nor of the Wealth they gain’d,
Till all their Services were at an End.
Wise men affirm it is the English way,
Never to Grumble till they come to Pay;
And then they always think their Temper’s such,
The Work too little, and the Pay too much.

    As frighted Patients, when they want a Cure,
Bid any Price, and any Pain endure:
But when the Doctor’s Remedies appear,
The Cure’s too Easy, and the Price too Dear.

    Great Portland ne’re was banter’d, when he strove
For Us his Master’s kindest Thoughts to move.
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