The True-Born Englishman. (page 56)

And may Apollo never more inspire
The Disobedient Bard with his Seraphick Fire.
May all my Sons their grateful Homage pay;
His Praises sing, and for his Safety pray.

    Satyr return to our Unthankful Isle,
Secur’d by Heav’n’s Regard, and William’s Toil.
To both Ungrateful, and to both Untrue;
Rebels to God, and to Good Nature too.

    If e’re this Nation be distress’d again,
To whomsoe’re they cry, they’ll cry in vain.
To Heav’n they cannot have the face to look;
Or if they should, it would but Heav’n provoke.
To hope for Help from Man would be too much;
Mankind would always tell ‘ em of the Dutch:
How they came here our Freedoms to maintain,
Were Paid, and Curs’d, and Hurry’d home again.

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