PART II. (page 55)

Listen ye Virgins to the Charming Sound,
And in Eternal Dances hand it round:
Your early Offering’s to this Altar bring;
Make him at once a Lover and a King.
May he submit to none but to your Arms;
Nor ever be subdu’d,
but by your Charms.
May your soft Thoughts for him be all sublime;
And ev’ry tender Vow be made for him.
May he be first in ev’ry Morning-Thought,
And Heav’n ne’re hear a Pray’r where he’s left out.
May ev’ry Omen, ev’ry boding Dream,
Fortunate by mentioning his Name.
May this one Charm Infernal Powers affright,
And guard you from the Terrors of the Night.
May ev’ry chearful Glass as it goes down
William’s Health, be Cordials to your own.
Let ev’ry Song be Chorust with his Name.
And Musick pay her Tribute to his Fame.
Let ev’ry Poet tune his Artful Verse,
And in Immortal Strains his Deeds rehearse.

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