The True-Born Englishman. (page 54)

Princes for Pride and Lust of Rule make War,
And struggle for the Name of Conqueror.
Some fight for Fame, and some for Victory.

He Fights to Save, and Conquers to set Free.

    Then seek no Phrase his Titles to conceal,
And hide with Words what Actions must reveal.
No Parallel from
Hebrew Stories take,
Of God-like Kings my Similies to make:
No borrow’d Names conceal my living Theam;
But Names and Things directly I proclaim.
‘Tis honest Merit does his Glory raise;

Whom that exalts, let no man fear to praise.
Of such a Subject no man need be shy;
Virtue’s above the Reach of Flattery.

He needs no Character but his own Fame,
Nor any flattering titles, but his Name.

    William’s the Name that’s spoke by ev’ry Tongue:
William’s the Darling Subject of my Song.

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