PART II-page 68

The True-Born Englishman (page 68)

Having more business yet for me to do,
And loth to lose his Trusty Servant so,
Manag’d the matter with such Art and Sill,
As sav’d his Hero, and threw out the B—l.

    And now I’m grac’d with unexpected Honours,
For which I’ll certainly abuse the Donors:
Knighted, and made a Tribune of the People,
Whose Laws and Properties I’m like to keep well:
The Custos Rotulorum of the City,
And Captain of the Guards of their Banditti.
Surrounded by my Cathpoles, I declare
Against the Needy Debtor open War.
I hang poor Thieves for stealing of your Pelf,
And suffer none to rob you, but my self.

    The King commanded me to help Reform ye,
And how I’ll do’t, Miss —– shall inform ye.
I keep the best Seraglio in the Nation,
And hope in time to bring it into Fashion

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