PART II-page 67

PART II. (page 67)

    In our late Revolution ’twas thought strange,
That I of all mankind shou’d like the Change:
But they who wonder’d at it, never knew,
That in it I did my Old Game pursue:
Nor had they heard of Twenty thousand Pound,
Which ne’re was lost, yet never cou’d be found.

    Thus all things in their turn to Sale I bring,
God and my Master first, and then the King:
Till by successful Villanies made bold,
I thought to turn the Nation into Gold;
And so to Forg–y my Hand I bent,
Not doubting I could gull the Government;
But there was ruffl’d by the Parliament.
And if I ‘sacp’d th’ Unhappy Tree to climb,
‘Twas want of Law, and not for want of Crime.

    But my *Old Friend, who printed in my Face
A needful Competence of English Brass, *The Devil
K2 Having

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