PART II-page 66

The True-Born Englishman (page 66)

    My Predecessor Judas was a Fool,
Fitter to ha’ been whipt, and sent to School,
Than Sell a Saviour: Had I been at hand,
His Master had not been so cheap Trepann’d;
I wou’d ha’ made the eager Jews ha’ found,
For Thirty Pieces, Thirty thousand Pound.

    My Cousin Zibia, of Immortal Fame,
(Ziba and I shall never want a Name:)
First-born of Treason, nobly did advance
His Master’s Fall, for his inheritance.
By whose keen Arts old David first began
To break his Sacred: Oath to Johnathan:
The Good Old King, ’tis thought, was very loth
To break his Word, and therefore broke his Oath.
Ziba’s a Traytor of some Quality,
Yet Ziba might ha’ been informed by me:
Had I been there, he ne’re had been content
With half th’ Estate, nor half the Government.

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