PART II-page 65

PART II. (page 65)

    Ingratitude’s the worst of Human Guile,
The basest Action Mankind can commit;
Which like the Sin against the Holy Ghost,
Has least of Honour, and of Guilt the most.
Distinguish’d from all other Crimes by this,
That ’tis a Crime which no man will confess.
That Sin alone, which shou’d not be forgiv’n
On Earth, altho perhaps it may in Heav’n.

    Thus my first Benefactor I o’rethrew;
And how shou’d I be to a second true?
The Publick Trust came next into my Care,
And I to use them scurvily prepare:
My Needy Sov’reign Lord I play’d upon,
And Lent him many a Thousand of his own;
For which, great Int’rests I took care to charge,
And so my Ill-got Wealth became so large.
K My

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