PART II-page 64

The True-Born Englishman (page 64)

Whether by his Ill Fate or Fancy led,
First took me up, and furnish’d me with Bread.
The little Services he put me to,
Seem’d Labours rather than were truly so.
But always my Advancement he design’d;
For ’twas his very Nature to be kind.
Large was his Soul, his Temper ever Free;
The best of Masters and of Men to me.
And I who was before decreed by Fate,
To be made Infamous as well as Great,
With an obsequious Diligence obey’d him,
Till trusted with his All, and then betray’d him.

    All his past Kindnesses I trampled on,
Ruin’d his Fortunes to erect my own.
So Vipers in the Bosom bred, begin
To hiss at that Hand first which took them in.

With eager Treach’ry I his Fall pursu’d,
And my first: Trophies were Ingratitude,

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