PART II-page 63

PART II. (page 63)

Kindly at last resolv’d they wou’d promote me,
And first a Knave, and then a Knight they vote me.
What Fate appointed, Nature did prepare,
And furnish’d me with an exceeding Care.
To fit me for what they design’d to have me;
And ev’ry Gift but Honesty they gave me.

    And thus Equipt, to this Proud Town I came,
In quest of Bread, and not in quest of Fame.
Blind to my future Fate, an humble Boy,
Free from the Guilt and Glory I enjoy.
The Hopes which my Ambition entertain’d,
Were in the Name of Foot-Boy all contain’d.
The Greatest Heights from Small Beginnings rise;
The Gods were Great on Earth, before they reach’d the Skies.

B—well, the Generous Temper of whose Mind,
Was always to be bountiful inclin’d:

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