PART II-page 62

The True-Born Englishman. (page 62)

    Lately he wore the Golden Chain and Crown,
With which Equipt he thus harangu’d the Town.

        Sir C—–s D—–b’s Fine Speech, &cc.

With Clouted Iron Shooes and Sheepskin Breeches;
More Rags than Manners, and more Dirt than
From driving Cows and Calves to Layton-Market,
While of my Greatness there appear’d no Spark yet,
Behold I come, to let you see the Pride
With which Exalted Beggars always ride.

    Born to the Needful Labours of the Plow,
The Cart-Whip grace’t me as the Chain does now.
Nature and Fate in doubt what course to take,
Whether I shou’d a Lord or Plough-Boy make;

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