PART II-page 61

PART II. (page 61)

Experience tells us ’tis the English way,
Their Benefactors always to betray.

    And left Examples should be too remote,
A Modern Magistrate of Famous Note,
Shall give you his own History by Rote.
I’ll make it out, deny it he that can,
His Worship is a True-born Englishman,
In all the Latitude that Empty Word
By Modern Acceptation’s understood.

The Parish-Books his Great Descent record,
And now he hopes e’re long to be a Lord.
And truly as things go, it wou’d be pity
But such as he bore Office in the City:
While Robb’ry for Burnt-Offering he brings,
And gives to God what he has stole from Kings:
Great Monuments of Charity he raises,
And good St. Magnus whistles out his Praises.
To City-Gaols he grants a Jubilee,
And hires Huzza’s from his own mobile.

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