PART II-page 60

The True-Born Englishman. (page 60)

    We blame the K— that he relies too much
On Strangers, Germans, Hugonots, and Dutch;
And seldom does his great Affairs of State,
To English Counsellors communicate.
The Fact might very well be answer’d thus;
He has so often been betray’d by us,
He must have been a Madman to rely
On English G——-ns Fidelity.
For Laying other Arguments aside,
This Thought might mortify our English Pride,
That Foreigners have faithfully obey’d him,
And none but Englishmen have e’re betray’d him.
They have our Ships and Merchants bought and sold,
And barter’d English Blood for Foreign Gold.
First to the French they fold our Turky-Fleet,
And Injur’d Talmarsh next at Camaret.
The King himself is shelter’d from their Snares,
Not by his Merit, but the Crown he wears.

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