PART II-page 59

PART II. (page 59)

Ten Years in English Service he appear’d,
And gain’d his Master’s and the World’s Regard:
But ’tis not England’s Custom to Reward.
The Wars are over, England needs him not;
Now he’s a Dutchman and the Lord knows what.

    Schonbergh, the Ablest Soldier of his Age,
With Great Nassau did in our Cause engage:
Both join’d for England’s Rescue and Defence;
The Greatest Captain, and the Greatest Prince.
With what Applause his Stories did we tell?
Stories which Europe’s Volumes largely swell.
We counted him an Army in our Aid:
Where he commanded, no man was afraid.
His Actions with a constant Conquest shine,
From Villa-Vitiosa to the Rhine.
France, Flanders, Germany,
his Fame confess;
And all the World was fond of him, but Us.
Our Turn first serv’d, we grudg’d him the Command.
Witness the Grateful Temper of the Land.
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