PART II-page 58

The True-Born Englishman. (page 58)

We ne’re lampoon’d his Conduct, when employ’d
King James’s Secret Councils to divide:
Then we caress’d him as the only Man,
Which could the Doubtful Oracle explain:
The only Hushai able to repell
The Dark Designs of our Achitophel.
Compar’d his Master’s Courage to his Sense;
The Ablest Statesman, and the Bravest Prince.
On his Wise Conduct we depended much,
And lik’d him ne’re the worse for being Dutch.
Nor was he valued more than he deserv’d;
Freely he ventur’d, faithfully he serv’d.
In all King William’s Dangers he has shar’d;
In England’s Quarrels always he appear’d:
The Revolution first, and then the Boyne;
In Both his Counsels and his Conduct shine.
His Martial Valour Flanders will confess;
And France Regrets his Managing the Peace.
Faithful to England’s Interest and her King:
The greatest Reason of our Murmuring.

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