PART II-page 50

The True-Born Englishman. (page 50)

    Thus England groan’d, Britannia’s Voice was heard;
And Great Nassau to rescue Her, appear’d:
Call’d by the Universal Voice of Fate;
God and the Peoples Legal Magistrate.
Ye Heav’ns regard! Almighty Jove look down,
And view thy Injur’d Monarch on the Throne.
On their Ungrateful Heads due Vengeance take;
Who sought his Aid, and then his part forsake.
Witness, ye Powers! it was Our Call alone,
Which now our Pride makes us asham’d to own.
Britannia’s Troubles fetch’d him from afar,
To court the dreadful Casualties of War:
But where Requital never can be made,
Acknowlegment’s a Tribute seldom paid.

    He dwelt in Bright Maria’s Circling Arms,
Defended by the Magick of her Charms,
From Foreign Fears; and from Domestick Harms.
Ambition found no Fuel for her Fire;
He had what God cou’d give, or Man desire.

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