PART II-page 49

PART II. (page 49)

    No man was ever yet so void of Sense,
As to debate the Right of Self-Defence;
A Principle so grafted in the Mind,
With Nature born, and does like Nature bind:
Twisted with Reason, and with Nature too;
As neither one nor t’other can undo.

    Nor can this Right be less when National;
Reason which governs one, should govern all.
Whate’re the Dialect of Courts may tell,
He that his Right demands, can ne’re rebel.
Which Right, if ’tis by Governors deny’d,
May be procur’d by Force, or Foreign Aid.
For Tyranny’s a Nation’s Term for Grief;
As Folks cry Fire, to hasten in Relief.
And when the hated word is heard about,
All men shou’d come to help the People out.
H Thus

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