PART II-page 48

The True-Born Englishman. (page 48)

The Nation’s all a Mob, there’s no such thing
As Lords or Commons, Parliament or King.
A great promiscuous Crowd the Hydra lies,
Till Laws revive, and mutual Contract ties:
A Chaos free to chuse for their own share,
What Case of Government they please to wear:
If to a King they do the Reins commit,
All men are bound in Conscience to submit:
But then that King must by his Oath assent
To Postulata’s of the Government;
Which if he breaks, he cuts off the Entail,
And Power retreats to its Original.

    This Doctrine has the Sanction of Assent,
From Nature’s Universal Parliament.
The Voice of Nations, and the Course of Things,
Allow that Laws superior are to Kings.
None but Delinquents would have Justice cease,
Knaves rail at Laws, as Soldiers rail at Peace:
For Justice is the End of Government,
As Reason is the Test of Argument.

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