PART II-page 47

PART II. (page 47)

Let all our Learned Sons of Levi try,
This Eccles’astick Riddle to unty:
How they could make a Step to Call the Prince,
And yet pretend to Oaths and Innocence.

    By th’ first Address they made beyond the Seas,
They’re perjur’d in the most intense Degrees;
And without Scruple for the time to come,
May swear to all the Kings in Christendom.
And truly did our Kings consider all,
They’d never let the Clergy swear at all:
Their Politick Allegiance they’d refuse;
For Whores and Priests do never want excuse.

    But if the Mutual Contract was dissolv’d,
The Doubt’s explain’d, the Difficulty solv’d:
That Kings, when they descend to Tyranny,
Dissolve the Bond, and leave the Subject free.

The Government’s ungirt when Justice dies,
And Constitutions are Non-Entities.

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