PART II-page 46

The True-Born Englishman. (page 46)

    When Kings the Sword of Justice first lay down,
They are no Kings, though they possess the Crown.
Titles are Shadows, Crowns are empty things,
The Good of Subjects is the End of Kings;
To guide in War, and to protect in Peace:
Where Tyrants once commence, the Kings do cease:
For Arbitrary Power’s so strange a thing,
It makes the Tyrant, and unmakes the King.
If Kings by Foreign Priests and Armies reign,
And Lawless Power against their Oaths maintain,
Then Subjects must ha’ reason to complain.
If Oaths must bind us when our Kings do ill;
To call in Foreign Aid is to rebel.

By Force to circumscribe our Lawful Prince,
Is wilful Treason in the largest sense:
And they who once rebel, most certainly
Their God, and King, and former Oaths defy.
If we allow no Male-Administration
Could cancel the Allegiance of the Nation;

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