PART II-page 45

PART II. (page 45)

For Wise Men say ‘t’s as dangerous a thing,
A Ruling Priesthood, as a Priest-rid King.
And of all Plagues with which Mankind are curst,
Ecclesiastick Tyranny’s the worst.

    If all our former Grievances were feign’d,
King James has been abus’d, and we trepann’d;
Bugbear’d with Popery and Power Despotick,
Tyrannick Government, and Leagues Exotick:
The Revolution’s a Phanatick Plot,
W—–a Tyrant, S—–a Sot:
A Factious Army and a Poyson’d Nation,
Unjustly forc’d King James’s Abdication.

    But if he did the Subjects Rights invade,
Then he was punish’d only, not betray’d:
And punishing of Kings is no such Crime,
But Englishmen ha’ done it many a time.

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