PART II-page 44

The True-Born Englishman. (page 44)

How English Liberty began to thrive,
And Church-of-England Loyalty out-live:
How all their Persecuting Days were done,
And their Deliv’rer plac’d upon the Throne:
The Priests, as Priests are wont to do, turn’d Tail;
They’re Englishmen, and Nature will prevail.
Now they deplore the Ruins they ha’ made,
And Murmur for the Master they Betray’d.
Excuse those Crimes they cou’d not make him mend;
And suffer for the Cause they can’t defend.
Pretend they’d not ha’ carry’d things so high;
And Proto-Martyrs make for Popery.

    Had the Prince done as they design’d the thing,
Ha’ set the Clergy up to rule the King;
Taken a Donative for coming hither,
And so ha’ left their King and them together,
We had say they been now a happy Nation.
No doubt we had seen a Blessed Reformation:

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