PART II-page 43

PART II. (page 43)

    The Rabbies say it would be too prolix,
To tye Religion up to Politicks:
The Church’s Safety is Suprema Lex.
And so by a new Figure of their own,
Do all their former Doctrines disown.
As Laws Post Facto in the Parliament,
In urgent Cases have obtain’d Assent;
But are as dangerous Presidents laid by;

Made lawful only by Necessity.

    The Rev’rend Fathers then in Arms appear,
And Men of God became the Men of War.
The Nation, fir’d by them, to Arms apply;
Assault their Antichristian Monarchy;
To their due Channel all our Laws restore,
And made things what they shou’d ha’ been before.
But when they came to Fill the Vacant Throne,
And the Pale Priests look’d back on what they had done;
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