PART II-page 42

The True-Born Englishman. (page 42)

Their Harps of Praise are on the Willows hung;
For Englishmen are ne’re contented long.

    The Rev’rend Clergy too! and who’d ha’ thought
That they who had such Non-Resistance taught,
Should e’re to Arms against their Prince be brought?
Who up to Heav’n did Regal Pow’r advance;
Subjecting English Laws to Modes of France.
Twisting Religion so with Loyalty,
As one cou’d never live, and t’other dye.
And yet no sooner did their Prince design
Their Glebes and Perquisites to undermine,
But all their Passive Doctrines laid aside;
The Clergy their own Principles deny’d:
Unpreach’d their Non-Resisting Cant, and pray’d
To Heav’n for Help, and to the Dutch for Aid.
The Church chim’d all her Doctrines back again,
And Pulpit-Champions did the Cause maintain;
Flew in the face of all their former Zeal,
And Non-Resistance did at once repeal.

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