PART II-page 41

PART II. (page 41)

    It was but lately that they were opprest,
Their Rights invaded, and their Laws supprest:
When nicely tender of their Liberty,
Lord! what a Noise they made of Slavery.
In daily Tumults show’d their Discontent;
Lampoon’d their King, and mock’d his Government.
And if in Arms they did not first appear,
‘Twas want of Force, and not for want of Fear.
In humbler Tone than English us’d to do,
At Foreign Hands for Foreign Aid they sue.

    William the Great Successor of Nassau,
Their Prayers heard, and their Oppressions saw:
He saw and sav’d them: God and Him they prais’d;
To This their Thanks, to That their Trophies rais’d.
But glutted with their own Felicities,
They soon their New Deliverer despise;
Say all their Prayers back, their Joy disown,
Unsing their Thanks, and pull their Trophies down:
G Their

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