PART II-page 40

The True-Born Englishman. (page 40)

    Their Governors they count such dangerous things,
That ’tis their custom to affront their Kings:
So jealous of the Power their Kings possess’d,
They suffer neither Power nor Kings to rest.

The Bad with Force they eagerly subdue;
The Good with constant Clamours they pursue:
And did King Jesus reign, they’d murmur too.
A discontented Nation, and by far
Harder to rule in Times of Peace than War:
Easily set together by the Ears,
And full of causeless Jealousies and Fears:
Apt to revolt, and willing to rebel,
And never are contented when they’re well.
No Government cou’d ever please them long,
Cou’d tye their Hands, or rectify their Tongue.
In this to Ancient Israel well compar’d,
Eternal Murmurs are among them heard.


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