PART II-page 39

PART II. (page 39)

    Unhappy England, hast thou none but such,
To plead thy Scoundrel Cause against the Dutch?
This moves their Scorn, and not their Indignation;
He that Lampoons the Dutch, Burlesques the Nation.

    The meanest English Plowman studies Law,
And keeps thereby the Magistrates in Awe:
Will boldly tell them what they ought to do,
And sometimes punish their Omissions too.

    Their Liberty and Property’s so dear,
They scorn their Laws or Governors to fear:
So bugbear’d with the Name of Slavery,
They can’t submit to their own Liberty.
Resraint from Ill is Freedom to the Wise;
But Englishmen do all Restraint despise.
Slaves to the Liquor, Drudges to the Pots,
The Mob are Statesmen, and their Statesmen Sots.

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