PART II-page 38

The True-Born Englishman. (page 38)

Some think the Poem had been pretty good,
If he the subject had but understood.
He got Five hundred Pence by this, and more,
As sure as he had ne’re a Groat before.

    In Bus’ness next some Friends of his employ’d him;
And there he prov’d that Fame had not bely’d him:
His Benefactors quickly he abus’d,
And falsly to the Government accus’d:
But they, defended by their Innocence,
Ruin’d the Traytor in their own Defence.

    Thus kick’d about from Pillars unto Posts,
He whets his Pen against the Lord of Hosts:
Burlesques his God and King in Paltry Rhimes:
Against the Dutch turns Champion for the Times;
And Huffs the King, upon that very score,
On which he Panegyrick’t him before.

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