PART II-page 37

PART II. (page 37)

    An Englishman is gentlest in Command;
Obedience is a Stranger in the Land:
Hardly subjected to the Magistrate;
For Englishmen do all Subjection hate.
Humblest when Rich, but peevish when they’re Poor;
And think whate’re they have, they merit more.

    Shamwhig pretends t’ ha’ serv’d the Government,
But baulk’t of due Reward, turns Malecontent.
For English Christians always have regard
To future Recompences of Reward.

His forfeit Liberty they did restore,
And gave him Bread, which he had not before.
But True-Born English Shamwhig lets them know,
His Merit must not lye neglected so.
As Proud as Poor, his Masters he’ll defy;
And writes a Piteous *Satyr upon Honesty.
*Satyr in Praise of Folly and Knavery.

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