PART II-page 36

The True-Born Englishman. (page 36)

    Chearful in Labour when they’ve undertook it;
But out of Humour, when they’re out of Pocket.
But if their Belly and their Pocket’s full,
They may be Phlegmatick, but never Dull:
And if a Bottle does their Brains refine,
It makes their Wit as sparkling as their Wine.

    As for the general Vices which we find
They’re guilty of in common with Mankind,
Satyr, forbear, and silently endure;
We must conceal the Crimes we cannot cure.
Nor shall my Verse the brighter Sex defame;
For English Beauty will preserve her Name.
Beyond dispute, Agreeable and Fair;
And Modester than other Nations are:
For where the Vice prevails, the great Temptation
Is want of Money, more than Inclination.
In general, this only is allow’d,
They’re something Noisy, and a little Proud.


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