PART II-page 35

PART II. (page 35)

No Panegyrick needs their Praise record;
An Englishman ne’re wants his own good word.
His first Discourses gen’rally appear
Prologu’d with his own wondrous Character:
When, to illustrate his own good Name,
He never fails his Neighbour to defame:
And yet he really designs no wrong;
His Malice goes no further than his Tongue.
But pleas’d to Tattle, he delights to Rail,
To satisfy the Lech’ry of a Tale.
His own dear Praises close the ample Speech,
Tells you how Wise he is; that is; how Rich:
For Wealth is Wisdom; he that’s Rich is wise;
And all men Learned Poverty despise.

His Generosity comes next; and then
Concludes that he’s a True-Born Englishman;
And they, ’tis known, are Generous and Free,
Forgetting, and Forgiving Injury:
Which may be true, thus rightly understood,
Forgiving Ill Turns, and Forgetting Good.
F2 Chearful

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