PART II-page 33

PART II. (page 33)

For what’s bestow’d they awkwardly receive,
And always Take less freely than they Give.
The Obligation is their highest Grief;
And never love, where they accept Relief.
So sullen in their Sorrows, that ’tis known,
They’ll rather dye than their Afflictions own:
And if reliev’d, it is too often true,
That they’ll abuse their Benefactors too:
For in Distress their Haughty Stomach’s such,
They hate to see themselves oblig’d too much.
Seldom contented, often in the wrong;
Hard to be pleas’d at all, and never long.

    If your Mistakes their Ill Opinion gain;
No Merit can their Favour reobtain:
And if they’re not Vindictive in their Fury,
‘Tis their unconstant Temper does secure ye:
Their Brain’s so cool, their Passion seldom burns;
For all’s condens’d before the Flame returns:
F The

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