PART II-page 32

The True-Born Englishman. (page 32)

Drunk’ness has been the Darling of the Realm,
E’re since a Drunken Pilot had the Helm.

    In their Religion they are so unev’n,
That each man goes his own By-way to Heav’n.
Tenacious of Mistakes to that degree,
That ev’ry man pursues it sep’rately,
And fancies none can find the Way but he:
So shy of one another they are grown,
As if they strove to get to Heav’n alone.
Rigid and Zealous, Positive and Grave,
And ev’ry Grace, but Charity, they have:
This makes them so Ill-natur’d and Uncivil,
That all men think an Englishman the Devil.

    Surly to Strangers, Froward to their Friend;
Submit to Love with a reluctant Mind;
Resolv’d to be ungrateful and unkind.
If by Necessity reduc’d to ask,
The Giver has the difficultest Task:

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