PART II-page 31

PART II. (page 31)

    And here I wou’d be very glad to know,
Whether our Asgilites may drink or no.
Th’ Enlight’ning Fumes of Wine would certainly
Assist them much when they begin to fly:
Or if a Fiery Chariot shou’d appear,
Inflam’d by Wine, they’d ha’ the less to fear.

    Even the gods themselves, as Mortals say,
Were they on Earth, wou’d be as drunk as they:
Nectar would be no more Celestial Drink,
They’d all take Wine, to teach them how to Think.
But English Drunkards, gods and men outdo,
Drink their Estates away, and Senses too.
Colon’s in Debt, and if his Friends should fail
To help him out, must dye at last in Gaol:
His Wealthy Uncle sent a Hundred Nobles,
To pay his Trifles off, and rid him of his Troubles:
But Colon, like a True-Born Englishman,
Drank all the Money out in bright Champaign;
And Colon does in Custody remain.

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