PART II-page 30

The True-Born Englishman. (page 30)

Apollo’s lately abdicate and fled,
And good King Bacchus reigneth in his stead:
He does the Chaos of the Head refine,
And Atom-Thoughts jump into Words by Wine:
The Inspiration’s of a finer Nature;
As Wine must needs excel Parnassus Water.

    Statesmen their weighty Politicks refine,
And Soldiers raise their Courages by Wine.
Caecilia givers her Choristers their Choice,
And lets them all drink Wine to clear the Voice.

    Some think the Clergy first found out the way,
And Wine’s the only Spirit by which they Prey.
But other less prophane than so, agree,
It clears the Lungs, and helps the Memory:
And therefore all of them Divinely think,
Instead of Study, ’tis as well to drink.

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