PART II-page 29

PART II. (page 29)

As wise men think there is some cause to doubt,
Will purge Good Manners and Religion out.

    Nor do the Poor alone their Liquor prize,
The Sages join in this great Sacrifice.
The Learned Men who study Aristotle,
Correct him with an Explanation-Bottle;
Praise Epicurus rather than Lysander,
And *Aristippus more than Alexander.
The Doctors too their Galen here resign,
And gen’rally prescribe Specifick Wine.
The Graduates Study’s grown an easier Task,
While for the Urinal they toss the Flask.
The Surgeons Art grows plainer ev’ry Hour,
And Wine’s the Balm which into Wounds they pour.

    Poets long since Parnassus have forsaken,
And say the Ancient Bards were all mistaken.
* The Drunkards Name for Canary.

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