PART II-page 28

The True-Born Englishman. (page 28)

Empty of all good Husbandry and Sense;
And void of Manners most, when void of Pence.
Their strong Aversion to Behaviour’s such,
They always talk too little, or too much.
So dull, they never take the pains to think;
And seldom are good-natur’d, but in Drink.

    In English Ale their dear Enjoyment lies,
For which they’ll starve themselves and Families.
An Englishman will fairly drink as much
As will maintain Two Families of Dutch:
Subjecting all their Labours to the Pots;
The greatest Artists are the greatest Sots.

    The Country Poor do by Example live;
The Gentry Lead them, and the Clergy drive:
What may we not from such Examples hope?
The Landlord is their God, the Priest their Pope.
A Drunken Clergy, and a Swearing Bench,
Has giv’n the Reformation such a Drench,

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