PART II-page 27

PART II. (page 27)

No Danger can their Daring Spirit pall,
Always provided that their Belly’s full.

    In close Intriegues their Faculty’s but weak,
For gen’rally whate’re they know, they speak:
And often their own Councils undermine
By their Infirmity, and not design.
From whence the Learned say it does proceed,
That English Treasons never can succeed:
For they’re so open-hearted, you may know
Their own most secret Thoughts, and others too.

    The Lab’ring Poor, in spight of Double Pay,
Are Sawcy, Mutinous, and Beggarly:
So lavish of their Money and their Time,
That want of Forecast is the Nation’s Crime.
Good Drunken Company is their Delight;
And what they get by Day, they spend by Night.
Dull Thinking seldom does their Heads engage,
But Drink their Youth away, and hurry on Old Age.
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