PART I-page 14

The True-Born Englishman. (page 14)

Yet who the Hero was, no man can tell,
Whether a Drummer or a Colonel:
The silent Record blushes to reveal
Their Undescended Dark Original.

    But grant the best, How came the Change to pass;
A True-Born Englishman of Norman Race?
A Turkish Horse can show more History,
To prove his Well-descended Family.
Conquest, as by the *Moderns ’tis exprest, *Dr Sherl. De Facto.
May give a Title to the Lands possest:
But that the Longest Sword shou’d be so Civil,
To make a Frenchman English, that’s the Devil.

    These are the Heroes that despite the Dutch,
And rail at new-come Foreigners so much;
Forgetting that themselves are all deriv’d
From the most Scoundrel Race that ever liv’d.
A horrid Medly of Thieves and Drones,
Who ransack’d Kingdoms, and dispeopl’d Towns.

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