PART I-page 9

PART I (page 9[10])

By them his secret Power he maintains,
And binds the World in his Infernal Chains.

    By Zeal the Irish; and the Rush by Folly:
Fury the Dane: The Swede by Melancholly:
By stupid Ignorance, the Muscovite:
The Chinese by a Child of Hell, call’d Wit:
Wealth makes the Persian too Effeminate:
And Poverty the Tartars Desperate:
The Turks and Moors by Mah’met he subdues:
And God has giv’n him leave to rule the Jews:
Rage rules the Portuguese; and Fraud the Scotch:
Revenge the Pole; and Avarice the Dutch.

    Satyr be kind, and draw a silent Veil,
Thy Native England’s Vices to conceal:
Or if that Task’s impossible to do,
At least be just, and show her Virtues too;
Too Great the first, Alas! the last too Few.
C England

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