PART I-page 8

The True-Born Englishman. (page 8)

Ungovern’d Passion settled first in France,
Where Mankind lives in haste, and thrives by Chance.
A Dancing Nation, Fickle and Untrue:
Have oft undone themselves, and others too:
Prompt the Infernal Dictates to obey,
And in Hell’s Favour none more great than they.

    The Pagan World he blindly leads away,
And Personally rules with Arbitrary Sway:
The Mask thrown off, Plain Devil his Title stands;
And what elsewhere he Tempts, he there commands.
There with full Gust th’ Ambition of his Mind
Governs, as he of old in Heav’n design’d.
Worshipp’d as God, his Painim Altars smoke,
Embru’d with Blood of those that him Invoke.

    The rest by Deputies he rules as well,
And plants the distant Colonies of Hell.

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