PART I-page 7

PART I (page 7)

Whose flowing Sulphur forms Infernal Lakes,
And human Body of the Soil partakes.
There Nature ever burns with hot Desires,
Fann’d with Luxuriant Air from Subterranean Fires:
Here undisturb’d in Floods of scalding Lust,
Th’ Infernal King reigns with Infernal Gust.

    Drunk’ness, the Darling Favourite of Hell,
Chose Germany to rule; and rules so well,
No Subjects more obsequiously obey,
None please so well, or are so pleas’d as they.
The cunning Artist manages so well,
He lets them Bow to Heav’n, and Drink to Hell.
If but to Wine and him they Homage pay,
He cares not to what Deity they Pray,
What God they worship most, or in what way.
Whether by Luther, Calvin, or by Rome,
They sail for Heav’n, by Wine he steers them home.

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