PART I-page 24

The True-Born Englishman. (page 24)

Lines which in Heraldry were Ancient grown,
Before the Name of Englishman was known.
Even Scotland too her Elder Glory shows,
Her Gourdons, Hamiltons, and her Monroes;
Dowglas, Mackays, and Grahams, Names well known,
Long before Ancient England knew her own.

    But England, Modern to the last degree,
Borrows or makes her own Nobility,
And yet she boldly boasts of Pedigree:
Repines that Foreigners are put upon her,
And talks of her Antiquity and Honour:
Her S—-lls, S—ls, C—ls, De—-M–rs,
M—ns and M——ues, D—s and V—rs,
Not one have English Names, yet all are English Peers.
Your H—–ns, P—llons, and L—-liers,
Pass now for True-Born English Knights and Squires,
And make good Senate-Members, or Lord-Mayors.
Wealth, howsoever got, in England makes
Lords of Mechanicks, Gentlemen of Rakes.

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