PART I-page 22

The True-Born Englishman. (page 22)

Fate jumbl’d them together, God knows how;
Whate’re they were, they’re True-Born English now.

    The Wonder which remains is at our Pride,
To value that which all wise men deride.
For Englishmen to boast of Generation,
Cancels their Knowledge, and lampoons the Nation.
A True-Born Englishman’s a Contradiction,
In Speech an Irony, in Fact a Fiction.
A Banter made to be a Test of Fools,
Which those that use it justly ridicules.
A Metaphor invented to express
A man a-kin to all the Universe.

    For as the Scots, as Learned Men ha’ said,
Throughout the World their Wandring Seed ha’ spread;
So open-handed England, ’tis believ’d,
Has all the Gleanings of the World receiv’d.

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