PART I-page 19

PART I. (page 19)

French Cooks, Scotch Pedlars, and Italian Whores,
Were all made Lords, or Lords Progenitors.
Beggars and Bastards by his new Creation,
Much multipli’d the Peerage of the Nation;
Who will be all, e’re one short Age runs o’re,
As True-Born Lords as those we had before.

    Then to recruit the Commons he prepares,
And heal the latent Breaches of the Wars:
The Pious Purpose better to advance,
H’ invites the banish’d Protestants of France:
Hither for God’s sake and their own they fled,
Some for Religion came, and some for Bread:
Two hundred thousand Pair of Wooden Shooes,
Who, God be thank’d, had nothing left to lose;
To Heav’n’s great Praise did for Religion fly,
To make us starve our Poor in Charity.
In ev’ry Port they plant their fruitful Train,
To get a Race of True-Born Englishmen:
D2 Whose

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