PART I-page 18

The True-Born Englishman. (page 18)

With such a blest and True-born English Fry,
As much Illustrates our Nobility.
A Gratitude which will so black appear,
As future Ages must abhor to hear:
When they look back on all the Crimson Flood,
Which stream’d in Lindsey’s, and Caernarvon’s Blood:
Bold Strafford,Cambridge, Capel, Lucas, Lisle,
Who crown’d in Death his Father’s Fun’ral Pile.
The Loss of whom, in order to supply
With True-Born English Nobility,
Six Bastard Dukes survive his Luscious Reign,
The Labours of Italian C———————-n,
French P——-h, Tabby S—t, and Cambrian.
Besides the Num’rous Bright and Virgin Throng,
Whose Female Glories shade them from my Song.

    This Offspring, if one Age they multiply,
May half the House with English Peers supply:
There with true English Pride they may contemn
S——-g and P———d, new-made Noblemen.

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