PART I-page 17

PART I. (page 17)

The Seven first Years of his Pacifick Reign,
Made him and half his Nation Englishmen.
Scots from the Northern Frozen Banks of Tay,
With Packs and Plods came Whigging all away:
Thick as the Locusts which in Egypt swarm’d,
With Pride and hungry Hopes compleatly arm’d:
With Native Truth, Diseases, and No Money,
Plunder’d our Canaan of the Milk and Honey.
Here they grew quickly Lords and Gentlemen,
And all their Race are True-Born Englishmen.

    The Civil Wars, the common Purgative,
Which always use to make the Nation thrive,
Made way for all that strolling Congregation,
Which throng’d in Pious Ch—-s’s Restoration. K.C. II.
The Royal Refugee our Breed restores,
With Foreign Courtiers, and with Foreign Whores:
And carefully repeopled us again,
Throughout his Lazy, Long, Lascivious Reign,
D With

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